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I'm Alicia. I'm a 30 year old dog mum who recently relocated from Sydney with my fiancé who is in the Royal Australian Navy.

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major of Marketing and Management, I worked in corporate Marketing roles for the past 10 years, and after moving to the South Coast of NSW, it was time to ditch the 9-5 and long commutes, and transform my passion into something sustainable.

I'm passionate about Marketing.

I'm passionate about Social Media. 

And most importantly, I'm passionate about helping Small Businesses

(like yours!) thrive. 

I've seen first hand the way that large Marketing agencies over

complicate, and over charge for their services. I understand that

there isn't always a Marketing budget in Small Business and startups,

but also understand how essential it is to get this right!  

My goal is to create a unique Marketing Agency experience, that offers essential Digital and Social Marketing Services for a small business budget

And so,                                                         was born

Have you reached out to a Marketing Agency that threw back a whole lot of jargon and fluff that didn't make an​y sense?

Were you quoted a huge amount to outsource and were only offered long term, lock in contracts?

Worse still, ​have you approached an affordable "agency" with no qualifications, experience or actual Marketing background?

I get it. You wear a lot of hats being a small business owner: Director, Manufacturer, Administration, Accountant, HR....

The list goes on!

Who has time for Marketing?

I do.

By getting on board with Shoalhaven Social, we'll create a unique, one on one experience where I take ownership of your successes as if they were my own. You can consider me your remote employee. I only take on a limited number of businesses at a time, to ensure maximum output and effort.

However, if my books are closed, or if you want to gain valuable skills and educate yourself to dominate your Social Marketing, I will be your biggest cheerleader in equipping you with all the tools, training, tips & tricks you could need to develop and maintain a strong digital presence for your business.

Regardless of your business needs, your business needs Marketing.

Shoalhaven Social Logo
Shoalhaven Social Logo

Small Business Marketing, for locals, by locals.