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So you've designated some time to tick the 'Marketing' box off your to-do list, but find yourself sitting in front of your computer with no idea what to post, or where to start? 


Perhaps you're not quite ready to hand over controls of your Socials (I get it, your Business is your baby), but need some education and guidance to lead you in the right direction and help to achieve your business goals?

I'm so happy to announce the newly launched 'How to write a Marketing Plan' Ebook, which is available now to download directly to your Desktop, Laptop or Device.

I can't tell you the number of online courses and free workshops who promise this type of content, yet give no clear, actionable steps or guidance in what to actually do and instead use the platform as a really long ad to sell their services. I can promise you right now, this Ebook is unlike anything available for Small Business Owners. 

This Ebook is designed for the Small Business Owner, Sole Trader or Startup who is ready to implement Strategic Marketing for growth, but isn't in a financial position to hire a Marketing Agency. 

This step by step guide walks through the integral steps in developing and implementing Marketing Strategy for your business. 

If you would rather leave it to the professionals, and have your Marketing Plan written for you, Shoalhaven Social offers Marketing Strategy Development as a one off service, or as part of a bundle depending on your Business needs and goals.
Shoalhaven Social Strategy Development involves an in-depth review of your Business model and audit of your current digital platforms to create a step-by-step, instructional Strategic Marketing Plan that you can action at your own accord, and implement yourself! 

Service Includes

  • In depth review of current Business model 

  • Audit of current Social profiles 

  • Identification of content pillars 

  • Identification of key target demographics

  • Step-by-step actionable guide 

  • 30 Day Content plan

  • Advice on industry secret softwares and programs 

  • FREE reporting template to monitor results 

  • AND MORE! 

Shoalhaven Social Strategy Developement
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